Industry Challenges

According to the findings of the Coconut and Coconut Oil Roundtable, rapid expansion of the global coconut market has been fueled by the widespread use of coconut in beauty, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries in recent years. Goldstein Research cited that coconut oil output in the Asia Pacific is currently growing at a pace of 1.3 percent per year with the Philippines and Indonesia at the helm as the world’s leading producers. Demand, however, is exceeding supply with both consumers and buyers seeking sustainably sourced coconut products.

Sustainable coconut has huge market potential, but the industry also faces critical production hurdles such as senile (aged) trees, natural disasters, disaggregated and complex value chain structures, and producers’ restricted access to market, finance, and technical know-how. These obstacles, when combined with falling commodity prices, result in stagnant yields, poor income, and a lack of desire to invest in the industry.

Our Sustainable Long-Term Solution

Tree Planting

DBCOM and TMOMI provide handpicked, high-quality coconut seedlings to farmers for improved coconut tree and coconut reliability and quality.

educating farmers of best agricultural practices

Knowledge of the latest standards and best practices of the global industry ensures responsible planning and harvesting and allows for reliable supply while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Providing Price Premium to Farmers

Improving the livelihood of farmers ensures a stable and reliable supply of premium coconut, from sustainable planting to harvesting.

Sustainability Goes Both Ways


Davao Bay Coconut Oil Mills Inc. (DBCOM) commits to promoting local employment and improving the welfare and quality of life in local communities through active partnerships with Local Government Units (LGUs) and other organizations within Region XI.

Local Education

In 2012, DBCOM initiated a feeding program for the undernourished students of the Daniel Perez Elementary School in Bunawan, Davao City in support of the Department of Education's thrust in strengthening nutrition and human resource capabilities. This program, designed for elementary and secondary school students, aims to increase student achievement amidst the challenging educational landscape through proper nutrition and wellness. DBCOM also led the renovation of nearby daycare centers to help children and families cope with childcare struggles and strengthen student motivation. DBCOM prioritizes Corporate Social Responsibility through participation, partnership, and support of community outreach programs to promote the betterment of surrounding communities.


DBCOM adheres to government laws and regulations in its areas of operations and continues to uphold practices geared for environmental protection and sustainability.


In 2016, DBCOM supported the launch of the National Greening Program of the Government, 1.5 Billion Trees for 1.5 Million Hectares, facilitated by the DENR - CENRO, Region XI. The company has been a consistent and active partner of nearby Barangay Centers in community programs and projects.

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