Our History

60+ Years of Expertise and Sustainability in the Coconut Manufacturing Industry


TMOMI and DBCOM draw its competitive advantage from its mother company’s over 60 years of experience in the coconut industry, having traded copra since 1949.


In December 2000, the mother company purchase an old oil mill located in Jimenez, Misamis Occidental. This is what would have become TMOMI – Third Millennium Oil Mills Incorporated.  Rehabilitation took six months and on July 2001, TMOMI began commercial operation.  Since then, the company has been active supplying both the domestic market as well as the export markets in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China.  TMOMI has established itself as a leading plauer in the lauric industry, highly valued by customers across the globe for its reliability, adherence to business ethics, product quality, and excellence.


Davao Bay Coconut Oil Mills Inc (DBCOM) was established in May 2008.  Construction commenced in a four-hectare property and was completed January 2010.  Commercial operations immediately began targeting predominantly the export markets.  Two years later, DBCOM exported its first shipment of Refined and Bleached (Cochin) Coconut Oil.

Our Mission

Our Commitment

  • To Clients

    Consistently provide high quality products, contractual obligations, GMP, technological use, quality improvement, customer satisfaction.

  • To Investors

    Consistently maximize investment thru efficient operations, prudence in business expansion, fair return of investment.

  • To Employees

    Consistently provide equal opportunities, continuous learning, professional & leadership development, occupational safety & well-being.

  • To Suppliers

    Consistently provide fair & competitive price, mutually beneficial business relations, fair trading practices.

  • To Society

    Consistently promote community development, legal compliance, sustainable business practice, environmental protection.

Our Vision

To be a globally competitive, sustainable & socially responsible organization providing high–quality & fairly-priced coconut & vegetable oil-based products that consistently adhere to customer standards.


Our Core Values


The company cultivates diversity and collaboration and embraces individual differences to encourage employee success and synergy. We prize employee-led action in achieving company goals and promoting transformation.

Customer Focus

We are sensitive to the needs of our internal and external customers and stakeholders at all times. We provide consistently good quality products and services on time.

Commitment & Loyalty

We strive to protect the interests of our business and organization partners through accountability, honesty, loyalty, and fairness in all our undertakings.

Innovation & Continuous Improvement

The company embraces change by exploring contemporary industry practices while advocating sustainability and environmental protection. We are committed to constant improvement through proactive and innovative advancement led by continued learning and change.

Quality and Food Safety Policy


TMOMI & DBCOM are manufacturers of coconut products and trader of vegetable oils committed to:

Consistent availability of products

Compliance with quality and food safety standards

Satisfaction of applicable requirements

Continual improvement of the Quality Management System

Our Clients

Our oil mills have a combined annual crushing capacity of over 420,000 metric tons of copra with a refining capacity of 80,000 metric tons.